What is BITE?

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The Beast in the East

All About Anyways?

BITE, known as The Beast in the East, is an annual gaming festival held in Hampton, VA. The event is currently at it’s fifth year running. It has been an amazing journey growing our gaming community.

BITE started out as an excuse for a few friends to get together each year. Over the years as more and more people took notice, they wanted that excuse as well. Different gaming communities melded together to create a diverse event celebrating the one unified thing that brings us all together, gaming!

Our event focuses on providing a weekend each year that you will never forget. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of BITE or interested in joining us for your first year…

Let’s Make Memories Together!

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The Beast in the East History

The Beast in the East 1

Attendance: 85
November 18th – 20th 2016
Norfolk, VA – Military Circle Mall

The Beast in the East almost never happened. Our original plan was to create a Pump It Up gathering. Why stop there? We got a little carried away and decided to take the leap of faith and bring Arcade Impact to have extra stuff to do at the event. It was no longer feasible to host the event at someones house, so we contacted over 100 places in an attempt to find the best location possible. We were looking at spending thousands year one when we were not even sure anyone would show up. Luckily we pressed forward and negotiated a deal for free venue space with the mall in exchange for advertising. A bunch more people than we expected showed up to boot!

The Beast in the East 2

Attendance: 118
October 6th – 8th 2017
Norfolk, VA – Military Circle Mall

No longer rookies in the scene, we sought out year two to diversify our games. We were considered JUST a rhythm game event and that wasn’t our goal. We want to celebrate the games that bring us together no matter the genre. We made our first big push to bring in the fighting game community. We found many of our current tournament organizers this year as well! I can not express how stressful year one was with very few people helping run the tournaments :s Make sure to thank our tournament organizers!

The Beast in the East 3

Attendance: 268
October 12th – 14th 2018
Norfolk, VA – Military Circle Mall

Two major takes from this year. One, holy cow… you enter the room and just scratch your head, “Who are all these people?”. The event at this point has grown to where people outside of our immediate circle were taking notice and having an amazing time. Two, mad props to our entire team for handling the tropical storm that knocked out power part of day one. Not only did we move all the machines across the entire mall, we also still had everything run on time including an international tournament! The cherry on the cake for sure was the after party at Dave and Busters. This would be our final year at the Military Circle Mall. We greatly appreciate them giving us our big break.

The Beast in the East 4

Attendance: 500
October 4th – 6th 2019
Hampton, VA – Hampton Roads Convention Center

The big move. We originally wanted to move to a convention center year 3, but our dates got booked on. It was like night and day the planning required to make this possible vs hosting at the mall. A very scary change for the team financially to make such a leap, but ultimately we were worried for nothing. We broke attendance and tournament entrance numbers across the board. The funniest part about year 4 was our biggest accomplishment moving to the convention center was getting more space for the event, we were worried that we would not be able to fill it. Well come to find out we didn’t have enough space. It was like the stars aligned to provide us the machines needed. Best of all the Wednesday of the event getting a message from Tokyo Attack asking if we wanted to do something wreck less [Hell yeah we did 😉 ]